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Full Name
Long Name Textual
NF-kappa-B essential modifier
Immuno Sequence
GST-NEMO [DU 3289]
Mono/Poly clonal
100041 R 1000 1001 1047 19007
Gel Image
Gel Description
Lysates of RAW264.7 macrophages (1 mg cell extract) were incubated with 5 ug of antibody from non-immunised sheep (IgG) or antibodies against NEMO. The immunoprecipitates were washed, separated by SDS-Page and immunoblotted with the antibodies indicated. Please note that NEMO is a component of the canonical IKK complex and that other components of the complex (the catalytic subunits IKK alpha and IKK beta) are also immunoprecipitated with the NEMO antibody.
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